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Welcome to Mature Amateurs Productions.

We are a porn film production company, with studios in London and Surrey, specialising in producing mature porn movies for the private rental market and as such we can provide many porn star jobs for mature men and women in the UK.

Finding young, fit people to appear in porn movies is relatively easy but finding mature men and women is a lot harder as many think they will not be suitable, due to their age or their looks but this is not the case. Since 2013, when we first started, we have recruited many of the older generation to star in our movies. They have come to fulfil their fantasies, have some fun on a film set and to earn some extra money.

As we get older our responsibilities grow and we have to live sensible lives but there reaches a point in life when we can relax again and start thinking about what we really want to do. Being of a certain age does not mean that life is just about Bingo and Bowls there is more exciting fun to be had out there if you want it.  Lots of the mature adults that came to us were stuck in a rut, they all craved more excitement in their lives but did not know what to do about it. You may be divorced, lonely, in a sexless relationship or just missing something exciting in your day to day routine but that does not mean it has to be that way from now on.

Take the plunge and come work with us, it can be a one-off filming, once a week or once a month, you decide when you want to work with us and how often.  Some of the ladies and gentlemen that have filmed with us have enjoyed it so much that they have also signed up with other porn star recruitment agencies and now work full time bringing in a very lucrative income.

And you don't have to worry about ever being seen in one of our films, all the films we make are for the private market and will never be available on the Internet or in shops etc.  We work exclusively for a chain of hotels worldwide which have pay-per-view TV systems in each hotel room which can only be viewed by paying guests, so your anonymity is virtually guaranteed.

If you are really adamant about not showing your face in one of our films, there are a few films we make (fetish, uniforms etc) in which you can wear a mask but most of our films do show the face so you may have to wait a bit longer for your chance to film with us but still apply as we still want to hear from you.

We only film porn movies that feature mature adults as the stars.  This could be all mature actors/actresses in a specific scene or old and young people working together.   So if you are more comfortable working with adults your own age you can request that or if you want to relive your youth a little and have a much younger partner to star in a movie with you then that’s what will be arranged.

You are in control of everything you want to do, we are an all female camera crew, that will ensure you get to act out whatever role you want to play, we do not dictate the action on set we just direct it, so we can get the best camera angles and lighting on each shot.

Your sexual preference is of no concern to us, you can be gay, lesbian, TV or TS, we don't care, we film all sorts of movies so we will have a place for you if you want one.  We also don't care what you look like, we don't expect a 60 year old to be in prime physical shape like they were when they were 20. There are no professional porn stars in any of our movies. We specialise in providing truly amateur performers and it does not matter what size, shape or fitness level you are, we will always have a role for you to play. In fact the more normal looking you are the more we need you as that is what our target audience is looking for.

Fat or thin, tall or short, glamorous or plain, we hire everyone to star in our movies.


To give you an idea of the sort of mature adult movies we make here are some of the movies we have filmed and produced.

MILF movies

Mom & Granny movies

Cuckold movies

Swinging mature movies  

Old & young movies  

Old and young Lesbian movies

Old and young Gay movies

Mature Lesbian Movies  

Mature Gay movies  

Mature group movies

CFNM movies  (clothed female naked male)
Cougar movies

Interracial movies

Mature fetish movies

Role-play movies, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor etc

In fact we film anything as long as it contains… Mature Amateur Performers

We film several movies every week throughout the year and since we started (back in 2013), we have had literally hundreds of applicants come through our doors and we have fulfilled many of their fantasies and opened up a whole new world to them as far as mature sex and fun is concerned. So do not think you may be too old to join us as we have many glamorous grannies and fit granddads work for us and they have had the time of their lives on our film sets, which are always fun and friendly environments.

Our all female camera crew is very good at directing the action and ensuring that all our mature performers feel at ease before, during and after the filming.

All over the UK mature people with healthy sex lives are engaging in swingers parties, dogging and watching porn movies. Why watch others in videos enjoying themselves when we are offering you the opportunity to come and have some great erotic fun of your own and to get paid for it.

If you are interested but still unsure about us or what goes on during a film shoot you can also come down to our London office for an informal chat with one of our female crew or you can even come down and watch one of our mature adult films being made in one of our studios in London or Surrey. This is a great way to check us out, meet our all female crew and to see just how much fun it really is.

Please see our
Voyeurs Service page for more information on this service.


We desperately need the older generation to work in our films but we also need some of the younger generation to star with them in some of our film scenarios, so if you are a man aged 30 to 70 or a woman aged 20 to 65 years old we want to hear from you.

We know that some of you younger men and women prefer a much older partner and some of our older applicants have been around a bit and can certainly teach you a thing or two.  So if you have a thing for the older ladies or even want to be dominated by one or more of them then you will love it in our studios.

Rates of pay

A typical film shoot takes about 4 hrs with refreshment available at any time

For men we pay      £40 - £70 hour

For women we pay  £80 - £100 hour

You also get royalty payments every time your film is watched in any hotel worldwide and you also get a copy of your film on a DVD for you to keep forever.  Having your own DVD to show to other porn star recruitment agencies is a great way to introduce yourself to them and show what you can do.

…and finally

We find that for most of the older generation it's not about the money it's about getting back the fun that they had when they were younger and a lot say they would have done it for nothing but we pay you for each and every film you make with us, so you can treat yourself afterwards and if you are actually looking for a career in porn work then filming with us is the best stepping stone to get you noticed by the big porn producing companies.

That’s about it ladies and gentlemen, if you have read all of this then we know you are interested and the next step is to fill in our application form.  Filling in the form is just the first step and does not obligate you into anything else.  You can ask questions, come and see us or watch one of our films being made. Only when you are fully happy with what we do will we proceed to actually getting you to star in one of our films.

Should you wish to appear in one of our movies please fill in our application form here and we will then contact you shortly.

Mature Amateur Productions

Porn star recruitment agency for mature adults looking to get to into paid porn work, just for fun or for some extra cash.

We are looking for Cougars, MILFs, grannies and grandpas and those that like to film with them to star in our private adult movies.

Recruitment Information

If you thought you were too old to be a porn star you were wrong.  There is  huge market for the older generation to act out their fantasies in adult movies.

We can never hire enough people to fill the demand so if you are interested and match the criteria we are looking for please get in touch.

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